Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wishing you a happy New Year!!!

Hope you all had a really great Christmas.  I wanted to pop on and say that I am going to pick my crafting up in the New Year and hopefully will have some things to share.  I have not been crafting at all lately and miss it terribly...  We are about to have some work done on the house... new bathroom and some work done else where... and in amongst all of this I am going to take over the cupboard under the stairs (currently used for junk and kids toys), decorate it out, put in new shelving/cupboards and turn it into a walk in craft cupboard.  Finding the right cupboards and how I am going to store my crafting is actually proving abit of a challenge... but somewhere the perfect idea is lurking waiting for me to pounce on it!!!! ha!  I am so sick  of having everything spread out around the house, some in this room and some in another... Everything needs a place... and although my OH would like me to throw all my crafting out and be done with it...  it is going to have it's own space too!!!!
Anyway, Happy New Year... hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you all!