Monday, 9 July 2012

Mojo monday - Sketch 249

Hope you had a lovely weekend... I am a very proud Mum today... my daughter got her Gold in swimming this weekend.  She is pretty shy and no matter how much we all keep telling her how good she is at swimming, she still lacks confidence in her ability... she swam her 36 lengths in 23 minutes and 9 seconds... time to spare... they have 25 minutes to do it in.  As I said, I am very proud of her.

Anyway, moving on to my crafting... this is my take on Mojo Mondays sketch 249.  I liked this sketch, as always it was fun to play along. 

I also made some other cards this weekend... I seem to be pretty low on cards and have alot of birthdays this week.

I saw a card similar to this on a blog somewhere and then couldn't find it again, so I am not sure if I remembered it right, but I loved making the card and am very pleased with the results.

In celebration of the Gold swimming cerificate, I made a chocolate and almond cake yesterday... I actually managed to get a picture of it before anyone put a knife in it this time.

I am hoping for some more play time this week... need a couple of anniversary cards and a couple more birthday cards. 

Well, I think I need a cup of tea... before I tackle my ironing pile.
Take care and keep smiling.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mojo Monday sketch 248

Hope you are all well.  I have been playing again... my inspiration came from playing along with Mojo Monday's sketch 248...  great sketch!  I seem to spend a bit too much time playing with flowers and my time just disappeared ...  I hate it when that happens!

I also played in the kitchen yesterday with cake and strawberries... it has to be done at this time of year, doesn't it?  All those lovely strawberry desserts...  I'd say summer strawberry desserts but it doesn't quite sound right this year, does it?

It was a very yummy cake and didn't last long!  Nothing ever does in our house.  I honestly don't know where my kids put their food these days, they are always hungry!!!!! 

Today is a big day in our house.  My daughter has her experience day at High School today.  She was very nervous and seemed to stress about everything this morning, but when I dropped her off she gave me a big smile and a big wave... I am so excited for her, I know this sounds strange but I loved both my middle school and high school.  I hated primary school, I didn't enjoy school until I was 11 and we moved.  The year my daughter is in seems to have had alot of issues throughout school, to the point I think the school will be glad when they have moved one and my daughter is pretty quiet and doesn't like that they have so many problems in the class.  I am hoping the high school is a better experience for her because she enjoys the learning and the social aspects of school.  Fingers crossed, eh?   And not forgetting my son... he is in Year 6 for the day.  He gets to know what his 'job' is for the year and has his fingers crossed for something important and responsible. 

Anyway, will go and make a cup of tea.  Have a lovely afternoon.
Take care