Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sketch Saturday 275

I have been sorting out Christmas stuff for crafting and making a start on some Christmas cards.  It's quite shocking how many cards we send at Christmas when you come to make them... I decided to have a different approach this year... Splitting cards I need to make between Christmas cards for the masses and the Special cards for close family and friends.  I have been working on the cards for the masses... so to speak...
My inspiration has come from the bits and bobs I have found mostly, though I loved playing along with this weeks Sketch Saturday 275... I have no idea where any of it came from it's all from scraps again... 

Here are some pictures of some of the cards I have made this week:

Hopefully, I will keep this up now until I have finished... then start on my Special card list...
My baby started High School on Friday... more scary for me than it was for him, I think.  He was so excited and really enjoyed his first day.  Isn't it great when the kids like the school?  My daughter started there last year, and despite some bullying problems, which I am pleased to say, the school got to the bottom of and sorted out, she loves it.  I am hoping this continues with both of them.
Hopefully, I will get back into keeping up this blog as well as do lots of crafting... I want to make some Christmas ornaments, gifts and have a few things to finish.  I need to spend less time looking around on the internet too... I seem to spend so much time looking and reading about stuff on here that I have less time to craft.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.  At least the sun is out today and the rain has stopped for the time being. Take care.
Kim M