Thursday, 29 October 2009

CC on UKS!

Hey! Just thought I would blog that I am in Toto's for the Cybercrop on UKS... Obviously the theme is the Wizard of Oz. I love that film.

Cute, eh? I love CC's... An excuse to shop!!! I mean stack up on the essentials, of course!
With the children at home I haven't done much crafting. I have made a start on my Christmas diary... will take picture when I have finished.
I am hoping to have a crafting session with the kids... always interesting... I never actually seem to get anything done myself...
Hope you have a lovely day.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mojo Monday 109

This is my take on the new Mojo Monday sketch... These are some things I had left over from a kit I got last Christmas ... it's Anna Griffin... I love it when you find things in the cupboard that you forgot was there...
I really enjoyed making this card... I love the use of pink for the holiday cards... lovely!
Thank you for the inspiration... look forward to next weeks sketch.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

This is my offering inspired by Friday Sketchers 74... I enjoyed making this card... I love the colour purple and what wonderful colours the halloween papers are these days!
The cards are all beautiful on Friday Sketchers blog... again, thank you for sharing and inspiring.
Well, it's late and I am tired. It's been cold here today, I actually had to put the heating on for a short time before the children went to bed... I am going to tuck myself in with my book.
Goodnight all!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Alzehimers Blog Candy!

This is Alzehimers Blog Candy... the link is at the side in my Blog Candy section...

Check out this blog and support this cause... and of course you can enter to win all these lovely goodies!
Thank you for your support!


Christmas cards ...

Here is my card inspired by Kazan's Sketch 37... It's a very simple card using some images that my mum picked me up 'Fairy Doodles' by Buzzcraft. As we have such a large family, she thought I could use some images to help me get the cards done before the end of October.

All the cards on the 2 Sketches 4 you are so lovely...

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Poorly children!!!

Well, I haven't done much crafting this week so far at all... I did make a couple of cards yesterday but haven't had chance to charge my camera battery up so that I can take photo's. The children, one after the other have had a rather nasty tummy bug - something going round the school, they tell me!
On a good note... today was yellow box day... yes, I have the gogo create kit each month... only had a small glimpse through it but it looks like fun!
I am currently stitching a Debbie Mumm Front Door Bow called 'Peace, Love, Joy'. I am almost done on the actually cross stitching now. I am actually going to hang it on the living room door. I am trying to get my christmas crafting sorted earlier this year... I don't want to be finishing things off as I need to hang them, like a do every christmas normally. I am determined to be organised.
I want to make a planner. There were some good links to printable pages on UKS last week, just need to get the BIA out and I can get started.
And of course there is the Christmas cake to make... due to tummy bugs being in the house, I have put that on hold until next week now.
Hopefully I will have some pictures for next time I am on.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Motivet Blog Candy - Wow!

Wow! Aren't these images just absolutely gorgeous? If you click the picture hopefully it will lead you to the site... go have a look... it's worth it. Adorable!

Well, my little ones are ill today... they have some kind of bug... suppose I'll catch it too... the worst of course, is when Daddy gets it - he is worse than any kids! I am hoping that I can settle them down early and do a bit of crafting, but I won't hold my breath! Off to check on my babies...

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mojo Monday - 107


Here is my take on Mojo Monday's 107 sketch... I really enjoyed making the flower embellishment... my daughter keeps saying when are we going to make some more!!!

These are definately my favourite colours to use for my Christmas cards this year...
The weather here has developed a definate 'nip' to the mornings now... when I take the children to school I find I am wearing a jacket each morning... but the sun is shining so we are not complaining! I am going to make the most of having the morning to myself and craft!
Hope you all have a lovely day!

Blog Candy... this one is a wonderful Prize!

Here is some amazing blog Candy... I would so love one of these... go check it out!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Making Flowers!

On Monday night, my 8 year old daughter and I got the Cricut out, cut a load of different size circles out of patterned paper and made these flowers. We had a lovely time... I am hoping to use mine on some scrapbook layouts. I have been looking at some of these lovely new flowers around and to be honest need to keep my money to start my christmas shopping so can't really afford to buy stash at the moment. This is why we had a go at these.

Didn't she do well?

My daughter is so proud of them that she wants to make a picture for her bedroom and stick the flowers on to it. I love that she likes papercrafting.

She now wants me to have a go at crochet flowers... mmm... can I remember how to crochet???? It's been a while...

There was a thread on UKS this week where ladies were leaving tips for saving money and making the most of the crafting stash you already have... When you are watching the pennies more as stash does seem more expensive, it does actually make you more creative, I think. I have always bought my embellishments and fancy papers already made. Now I question whether paying that more for the glittered version is actually worth it!
It all adds to the fun!
Have a lovely day,

Having fun!

I have been making some more cards... these 2 cute cards are for some cousins of mine... I managed to use some paper that I really didn't know what to do with, which pleased me... you know those paper packs you think will save you money and give you loads of choice... then you get them and you don't quite know what to do with half of it!

The anniversary card is for an Aunt and Uncle...

I haven't made a card this shape before...
it was interesting... don't know if I would do it again...

This Christmas card with the adorable dogs
is for an Auntie who loves dogs...
as soon as I saw this image
I knew it was perfect for her.
The best thing about making your own cards
is that each Christmas card is individually
made with someone in mind.

Anyway, thats what I did over the weekend.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Friday Sketchers - 72

This is such a pretty sketch... I wanted this one shiny and blingy for a friend of mine... all her tree decorations are silver and navy blue...
I love the stamp images, aren't they gorgeous? The DT cards are beautiful. I thank you for the inspiration... my Christmas cards are coming along lovely.

2 Sketches 4 You

I have had hardly any time to myself this week and have only been able to get my crafting out today... this is my take on the Kazan's Sketch 36...

I enjoyed making this card... only problem was I left taking the photo until tonight and therefore had a problem with it shining a lot in the photo...
Hopefully I will get some more cards made over the weekend... with OH on nights and I can get the children settled into something, I may get some more done...
This week my OH has got a metal detector and took us all down to the beach for some treasure hunting... not that he found much, but the scrapbooker in me took some nice photo's... only thing is, I came to print the photo's today and our printer wouldn't work properly. It's the first time I have felt inspired to scrapbook in ages... typical!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.