Sunday, 27 February 2011

A thank you and my mini book pictures!!!

Firstly I have to say a huge Thank You to Karen who has very nicely given me a Stylish Blogger Award... I am totally blown away that you think my humble blog is worthy of an award and you have really made my day... {{{Hugs}}}... If you haven't checked out Karen's lovely blog I have put a link...

Eight things about myself to accept this award would be:

1. I love crafting... I mean all things crafting... I drag people round art galleries, craft galleries, shops that sell hand-crafted items, shops that sell crafting stash, the lot!!!!

2. I love the sea... the beach ... I wish I lived closer... we live about a 15 minute drive away, but I would love to be able to walk to it!

3. I miss living by my sister all the time... she is my best best friend and even though I have lived a 2 hour drive away from her for 11 years now and I still want to walk round to her house for a coffee and a chat!!!

4. I love Duran Duran!!!! Yes, a Duranie!!!!! I am so looking forward to going to see them in May with my sister!!!!

5. I love music actually... I have a massive collection of music... I love lots of different types of music too.

6. I don't like rudeness... I think so many people are rude these days... why is this?

7. I love Italian food!!!

8. My favourite job was decorating cakes in a cake shop... that was a fun job!!!

I would like to pass the award on to 8 fabulous bloggers:

I love visiting these blogs...

As promised, here are the pictures of the pages from my Cornwall mini-book... yes, Mandy, it is Looe... my absolute favourite place for a holiday... I actually just LOVE Cornwall!!!

We have been away visiting family so haven't got any crafting done over the weekend, I love going to stay with my sister and her lovely family... kids love to spend time with their cousins... so a good time was had by all... Hope you have had a lovely weekend... I'm going to have a quick hop on here, then make a couple of cards, so hopefully I will be back tomorrow with piccies...

Take care,




Thursday, 24 February 2011

Finished my mini book at last!!!

Well, my son ended up having the sickness bug that my daughter had over the weekend... (that school is sooooo disease ridden!!!!)... so less crafting time than I had originally hoped for... They have both spent time this morning making birthday cards for my OH and myself for next week... strangely enough we share the same day... when he first told me this I thought he was kidding... but no, although he is two years older than me, we actually do have the same birthday on 2nd March... weird eh???? It has it's good points... he's never going to forget my birthday, is he????

I managed to finish my mini-book of our holiday in Cornwall... I would show you pictures of the inside pages too, but my camera battery went dead and is now charging in the kitchen... typical!!!
I have also finished my cross stitch my stocking shaped house... I will post a picture of that tomorrow. I am so pleased with it, it's so cute. I don't really want to do it as an actual stocking because we have loads so I think I am going to make it into a cushion cover... will have to see!!!
Am hoping to have some time for a card or two later... hope you are having a happy sunny day.
Take care.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Sketch Saturday 143

Hope the weather is better where you are. It is just so miserable and dark here... typical school holidays weather!!!!!
Yesterday I actually found time to make cards... the first one, I was inspired by Sketch saturdays #143 sketch... I actually want to put a glittery age on it... you know when you know you have something but you can't find it????? So irritating...

The second one, just kind of came together... I am trying to use scraps from my scrap box... why is it so much easier to chop my lovely 12x12's!!!! I am trying to make more use of my stash too, I sat and sorted out all my flowers yesterday... and better use of my tools... I am cutting some stuff out on my cuttlebug and cricut in plain colours in hope that I can use them more often... When I ooh and ahh over new stuff and new tools, my OH is always pointing out that I am supposed to use these things after I buy them... ha! yeah, he does think he is being funny too!!!

Well the kids are off school this week, so crafting time will probably include my daughter... I have a couple of things in mind for us to do... I also want to finish a mini-book I started last year, this I am hoping to do this afternoon... I am hoping to whizz round in a minute and do my chores...
Hope you have a great day... Thank you so much for dropping by...

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Our Creative Corner - Branch Out challenge

I found a lovely new challenge blog as I was browsing and it inspired me to make my 2nd Christmas card of the year... I seem to be getting mixed up with doing one a week and one a month!!!!!! Anyway... the blog is called Our Creative Corner and the theme is Branch Out... This card was really quick because the paper is pretty busy but the embellies are so simple! I don't know where I got these christmas trees from.. I wish I knew because I love them!!!!

My daughter swam in her first swimming Gala yesterday and came second... so I am proud mum today... I did bake some of my own version of Red Velvet cupcakes yesterday but they ate them before I had a chance to take a piccie... vulchers!!!!!
I have been sorting through some old stickers and embellishments which I want to try and use on some cards... thats how I found the Christmas trees and Tag for the above card... I found some real treasures... hopefully they will appear on some cards soon!!!
Anyway, need to get on with the ironing!!!
Take care

Monday, 7 February 2011

Mojo Monday 177

Yaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!! Back on my laptop, all in working order again... can't tell you how much I have missed it!!!!
Anyway, my card is for my cousin... inspiration from the sketch over at Mojo Monday #177... what a fabbie sketch this week!!!! I loved it... was perfect for the image I wanted to use on Molly's card!

I haven't done much in the way of crafting... my children caught a horrible flu like cold from school both ended up having at lease one day off school... then OH got it... of course his was much worse!!!!! He also had a day off work... now I have it... and I still have to soldier on as normal... no days off for mummy!!!!! I still have to get up at 6.45am each morning and do all the normal things... feeling very sorry for myself at the moment... I promised myself 15 minutes with a cup of tea this afternoon so that I can do this and an early bed tonight!!!!!

Last week I made more cupcakes... the first photo are Strawberry Cupcakes... they were very yummy!!!! Very morish!!! I only got 1... I know I am supposed to be cutting down but really...!!!

Then I made Chocolate Orange cupcakes with chocolate fudge icing... again very yummy... Daddy has a sulk if I go too long without making something with chocolate in!!!

I am still battling on with my daughters blanket... will soon be finished now...
Anyway off to finish my cup of tea...
Hope you are well and happy... Thank you so much for dropping by...