Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday Caardvarks Sketchfest

Here is my Friday take for the Sketchfest at Caardvarks...
I actually want to find some lettering to put a family greeting on it... I need to plough through my stuff, I know I have some rub ons somewhere... I hate it when I know I have something I want to use but am not sure where it is, it's amazing how often I don't actually find it in time to use on a project, then months later it shows up in the most unlikely place. Shows my crafting stuff needs a good sort out! It all looks pretty tidy but believe me it isn't!!!

Today, I had some wonderful new Cosmic Shimmer Watercolour Paints arrive... they are just so pretty. Unfortunately I am not going to get to play with them probably until next week, but it gives me something to look forward to. I also treated myself to the My Minds Eye Bloom & Grow Decoupage pad of flowers... I am looking forward to doing something with those too.

Well, off to make Apple Tray Bake for this little ones to munch on ...
Have a lovely day


  1. Love those tiny little presents ... fantastic holiday sketch design.