Saturday, 3 July 2010

Where does the time go?!!!

I haven't had any time to craft just lately... I don't know where the time goes! I was determined to get up early so that I could make some time this morning... my cards are getting extremely low and I have a load of birthdays coming up all at once so I really need to find some time.

Here is the card I have made this morning... my inspiration came from Friday Sketchers # 109. What a great sketch... all that paper eh?!

Unfortunately my Aunt is not well at all, the chemo is really knocking her about this time and she is in hospital at the moment! I am all of a dither about going down for a visit tomorrow to see her... it's so awkward being so far away. I have no one I can leave the kids with here so I have to take them with me and although they are always pretty good, hospital visits and kids just don't go especially after a 2 hour car drive!!!!
OH has a bug... so of course he is dying... the kids have had it but of course his is much worse!!!! Honestly! My 9 year old daughter said yesterday that daddy was 'such a child'... I think she was selling herself short there because after one day off school, she was back doing her usual stuff and getting on with life... after two days daddy is still dying!!!! Bet he's recovered by Friday... he's off to France fishing!!!!
The children and I are off to Sussex with my mum in a few weeks... lets hope the weather holds out, eh!!!! Hope it's gorgeous where you are too....
Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. really gorgeous - love those pastel colours,

  2. What a beautiful card! Glad to see you crafting again!

    I'll keep your aunt in my, a two hour ride is rough. :( Had to laugh at your daughter,'s so can be such babies sometimes! :)