Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Happy New Year .... and some blog Candy to look at!

We started the year with NO INTERNET... it's such a vital part
of your life these days it's dreadful when it's not there... not that I have done much crafting since Christmas.
Christmas was fun with the children... had some down parts just after... Men, eh!!!!! The New Year was fun too, the children and I spent it at my sisters. Then of course the snow fell, much to the delight of my son... he couldn't believe his luck that they closed his school so quickly after returning from the Christmas break and has been praying for more ever since... bless him!
We decided to join a local leisure club as a family... it has a gym, pools, keep fit classes, classes for the kids in football, etc, and it is great. I really didn't think it was a very good idea at first, we looked at one place that made me want to walk straight out again... very intimidating I thought... this one is attached to a local holiday park and is very family orientated (is that how you spell it?) So now I am trying to get fit... OMG... it is killing me... so unfit!!!!!
Anyway, the blog Candy I discovered on my first look/see is as follows...

picture is on the side... looks wonderful, doesn't it? I need some inspiration to get me going on some card making and I really need to scrapbook last years holiday photo's... to make sure I do them before we go away this year!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day...

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