Friday, 8 June 2012

Checking in - with a card!

I hope the weather is better where you are today... it's so damp and miserable here, it's like November!!!   I feel like I should be starting to get sorted for Christmas, not thinking about holidays!

On a brighter note, my card is quite cheery...  I am still using scraps and stash I have had forever... I so want to buy some new stash but still can't justify it (I wonder how long this is going to last!)  I find myself browsing craft shops online alot at the mo...

We had a lovely Jubilee weekend.  My daughter's Confirmation was lovely, I was very proud of her and she looked so grown up.  I have discovered that our local church is a very nice community, no wonder she has enjoyed the social aspect of going to confirmation classes, etc... and they are taking them all bowling in a couple of weeks time too.  Even the headteacher of my daughters school turned up for the service and she gave them all a card and gift from the school.  The only thing that did disappoint was that Daddy didn't come... I know she was disappointed even though she said she didn't want him to come... he just isn't in to the church thing, just like he doesn't do the school thing either.  He can be so selfish sometimes!  But we won't go into that!

Anyway, I am off to start dinner...
Take care

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  1. yeah scraps, this is an adorable card, have a grreat dinner, hugs