Monday, 26 August 2013

Busy Busy Busy...

Hope the summer is smiling on you still.  We are having a lovely day here...  With the children off school, I haven't found much time for crafting, but I have taken some photographs in the hope of more scrapbooking to come.  I really want to get into it again. 
I have been digging through my paper and although some of it is pretty old now, I have some lovely papers that are begging to end up on some lovely pages.  I am determined to get more organised... organization is the key to everything... and I am so disorganised.  I have already made my Christmas planner... no, honestly it's not too early to do this...  if I leave it too late, it never gets done properly and I don't get started early enough.  I used to laugh at a friend of mine who is always organised and ready really early, but by December she is always a lot more relaxed about the whole thing... unlike me!!!!!!!  So I am determined... Operation Christmas Card needs to be in full-swing!!!!!
Anyway, my inspiration for this sketch came from a blog that I can't find this morning... but I will edit it in later... see disorganised!!!  I took this photo of this beautiful horse and carriage as it trotted around a beach car park in St. Anne's one day when I went in to pick up some groceries.  Very odd but lovely to see. 

Hope you have a lovely day.  Thank you for reading.
Take care
Kim M

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  1. Gorgeous as always hun...

    Biggest of hugs Vicky xx