Thursday, 20 May 2010

Friday Sketchers # 102

Hey... back again...
Decided to have a play with some of that Christmas stuff... and play along with Friday Sketchers # 102... lovely card sketch this one! I actually enjoyed myself...

OH is off friday night this week so I doubt I'll get time to play tomorrow... He's off to see Blackpool at Wembley on saturday so the kids and I are hoping to spend saturday painting their bedroom walls... should be interesting! My mum is coming round to help too... it's the first time they have helped with something like this, I don't think my mum has realised what she has let herself in for!!!! The house looks like a tip now, as we are having to pile their stuff in our room... omg! If I live through it, I might be back here Sunday...



  1. This is gorgeous i cant beleiev that your doing xmas ones already but then Liddie has just said we are almost half way through the year, sigh, gorgeous though hugs pops x

  2. Very nice! Christmas is the last thing on my mind right now, as I sit here sweltering in the heat....what is with this weather?!

  3. How absolutely adorable! I love this cute bear and I'm glad you were able to get a Christmas card done!
    Jodi =)