Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cards for Men...

Good morning...
I always seem to struggle with cards for men, mostly because I never have anything in my stash suitable... I need to buy stuff with this in mind more often... My inspiration for this card came from Cards for Men, the challenge being to use a key. I will remember to follow this challenge from now on, I need a supply of male cards!

The children break up today... I just hope the weather is going to be a bit more child-friendly from now on... I am hoping to go looking for a bit of Christmas stash, get them making their Christmas cards... it's ok leaving a few for a pre-Christmas crafting session but it's such hard work if they have many to make and I swear my two send cards to nearly everyone!!!! I have noticed a few Christmas cards appearing now so I'm not the only one... I was still making the odd one last year the week before... I am determined to be more organised!!!! Plus it's an excuse for a crafting shopping trip... if I pick the right shops the children actually enjoy it (although it costs me twice as much!!!!).

Hope it's bright and sunny where you are... hasn't made it's mind up here yet!!!!





  1. Thats such a sweet little creation Kim, I love your image and how you incorporated the key.

  2. This is so cute! Lovely card :o) Lisa x

  3. Adorable card! I struggle with manly cards, too....(which is probably why I've been leaning toward drawing manly images