Thursday, 7 July 2011

I'm back!!!

Today I made a card... I haven't really been doing much crafting lately... My OH has been totally stressing me out... I'm not going to get all personal here because my blog is about my crafting, lets just say that I need to get back into my crafting for some relief and just maybe I will stay sane through out all this!!! Life can be such hard work sometimes and I am feeling very low at the moment!

Anyway, the card... inspired by a sketch I found when browsing. The blog is Kathy's Waffle Sketch File. The card is for an Aunt, but the photo really doesn't do it justice... the faded image of the cottage is really sweet!

As I am sorting through my crafting, I am finding some lovely papers that I had forgotten about... I have found some wonderful goodies that I am keen to have a play with...

I also found some bits of old wool that I have been making into little doily mats for my daughters room which she loves... I am actually trying to teach her to crochet but of course, as she is 10 she is full of enthusiasm but a little short on patience. By the end of the summer I am sure she will have it!

This is a blanket that I am crocheting like mad for our next camping trip... we went away last weekend to try our new tent and it was 100% easier than our last one. I am not really a camping person, but my kids love it... We now have camp beds, carpet and I am getting to grips with the limited kitchen facilities. The weather was absolutely gorgeous... lets hope it's like that when we go away again!!!

I have also made my own version of a Smash book, which I couldn't find to take a photo to include in this post... must be upstairs somewhere... I am really enjoying playing with that. Somewhere to finally put all those little tickets and things that I keep!

Now I am going to do a little more of my blanket... hope you are well and happy. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Take care





  1. Your card is really lovely and twisting the oval makes the perfect backdrop for the image. Thank you for using The Sketch File's July sketch to make your lovely card

  2. Gorgeousness! It's been years since I crocheted (and I only knew how to do very basic patterns) so I wish I had your talent.

  3. Lovely card and I'm so envious of your crocheting skills lol - thanks for joining in with us at Kathy's Waffle Sketch File.

    Love Lynda xxx

  4. Great card, thanks for taking part in Kathy's Waffle challenge.
    I wish I could crochet..I can just about manage the small flowers lol