Sunday, 3 November 2013

Playing with my sewing machine

I have been playing with my sewing machine.  I am one of those people who bought one because I thought I'd love to have a go and have hardly ever used it.  I went through some stuff and found a load of cross stitch that I had actually done nothing with so I thought I'd have a go with the machine and turn them into something.  I made a hanging ornament with an Autumn sampler which I love.
And a Halloween hanging ornament with this one - I need to invest in some fabric scissors and a few other bits and bobs but I can actually thread my machine and keep stitching without getting in a mess now.  Honestly before I was useless.

I only ever remember doing a small amount of sewing at school, so my skills are limited but the internet is wonderful for advice.  I am next going to have a go at some cushions. 

I have 17 more Christmas cards to make and need to start on some gift boxes and gift money envelopes. 

My organizing Christmas has started well.  My planner is in full swing.  I have lists coming out of my ears.  I have even made myself a journal for December.  It is so hard to find places to store things, but I have been decluttering (driving everyone mad) to make room for gifts, food, etc. I am hoping I am going to enjoy the actually build up to Christmas more, rather than being so stressed about whether I have everything. 
Hopefully I will be popping back a little more often, I've been really bad at blogging this year.
Take care,
Kim M

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  1. Stunning hun...:o)

    biggest of hugs Vicky xx