Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Poorly children!!!

Well, I haven't done much crafting this week so far at all... I did make a couple of cards yesterday but haven't had chance to charge my camera battery up so that I can take photo's. The children, one after the other have had a rather nasty tummy bug - something going round the school, they tell me!
On a good note... today was yellow box day... yes, I have the gogo create kit each month... only had a small glimpse through it but it looks like fun!
I am currently stitching a Debbie Mumm Front Door Bow called 'Peace, Love, Joy'. I am almost done on the actually cross stitching now. I am actually going to hang it on the living room door. I am trying to get my christmas crafting sorted earlier this year... I don't want to be finishing things off as I need to hang them, like a do every christmas normally. I am determined to be organised.
I want to make a planner. There were some good links to printable pages on UKS last week, just need to get the BIA out and I can get started.
And of course there is the Christmas cake to make... due to tummy bugs being in the house, I have put that on hold until next week now.
Hopefully I will have some pictures for next time I am on.

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