Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Making Flowers!

On Monday night, my 8 year old daughter and I got the Cricut out, cut a load of different size circles out of patterned paper and made these flowers. We had a lovely time... I am hoping to use mine on some scrapbook layouts. I have been looking at some of these lovely new flowers around and to be honest need to keep my money to start my christmas shopping so can't really afford to buy stash at the moment. This is why we had a go at these.

Didn't she do well?

My daughter is so proud of them that she wants to make a picture for her bedroom and stick the flowers on to it. I love that she likes papercrafting.

She now wants me to have a go at crochet flowers... mmm... can I remember how to crochet???? It's been a while...

There was a thread on UKS this week where ladies were leaving tips for saving money and making the most of the crafting stash you already have... When you are watching the pennies more as stash does seem more expensive, it does actually make you more creative, I think. I have always bought my embellishments and fancy papers already made. Now I question whether paying that more for the glittered version is actually worth it!
It all adds to the fun!
Have a lovely day,

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