Friday, 23 April 2010


Over at UKScrappers, they are having a Monopoly Cybercrop this weekend... I love doing the classes... I probably won't get to do them all... we have to go shopping for clothes for a wedding tomorrow... I love shopping, but dragging the kids around is no fun... they are either not interested at all, or they want something totally inappropriate!!!!
Anyway... these are the LO's I've done tonight... this one was cutting a frame out freehand with your craft knife... was a tad nervous on this one... but am pleased with the results... took me ages mind you!!!!
This next one... well, they had this painting thing going on with the letters but when I did it, I absolutely hated it and covered it up to use stickies!!!!

This one was a challenge... to use vine... I found this photo, I have no idea where or when it was taken, but thought it was a good photo to use here! And here we have some more of my handmade flowers... I'm loving them, just hope I can be bothered to make some more, it's so easy to just buy certain things rather than make them, isn't it?

Now I am absolutely shattered and am going to bed now...
Talk to you tomorrow...


  1. You free-handed that first one?! WOW. I'm duly impressed.

  2. oh wow these are stunning Kimmie...the photos are gorgeous
    Mina xxx